KanjiSenpai for Android will help you learn Japanese vocabulary and kanji

  • Study vocabulary lists for JLPT exam
  • Reading, listening, writing, meaning and handwritten kanji
  • When writing kanji, strokes are checked for rightness
  • Translations for English and Spanish
  • You can create custom lists


JLPT lists

Vocabulary for Proficiency for free

Word aspects

You can fully study every word aspect: reading, listening, writing, meaning and handwritten kanji

Spaced repetition

Spaced repetition is used for every word/aspect so reviews are asked in before you forget them

Kanji drawing

You are asked to draw kanji (it helps remember them). The app checks for rightness (there's even a strict mode!)

Lists management

New lists can be downloaded and upgraded


There are vocabulary translations for English and Spanish

Custom lists

You can create a subset of the official lists in case you want stay in sync with vocabulary tought in your class

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free?

You can download and study the vocabulary lists for free but to unlock some features it's necessary to purchase an audio packs

What I get if I buy the audio pack for a list?

You get the audio questions and unlock the kanji write feature for the list. Additionaly the ads are removed and limits in custom lists.

How can I reset my progress?

Go to Admin lists, open the menu and select Reset progress

How to use the Custom list license?

You can buy a custom list license and assign it to a custom list to activate the write kanji questions for all vocabulary included in that list.
Vocabulary already unlocked because you already own the audio pack don't need the custom list license.
For example, the word 人 in the JLPT N5 list, can be included in any custom list and fully studied if you own the N5 Audio Pack without buying the custom list license. On the other hand, to study the write kanji of 咲良 you need to buy the custom license as this word is not included in any JLPT official pack

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